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I just entered to win a Fulton Armory M14 Enhanced Service Rifle w/ Aimpoint 9000SC Optic from @ClassicFirearm! Valued At $3500! #sweepstakes #FultonArmory #M14 #FultonArmoryM14 #Aimpoint #9000SC #Aimpoint9000SC #dreamgun #riflegiveaway Enter Here - https://wn.nr/mvLFvS

The last three #women I asked out lied to me about why they want to be friends. I’m kind, have a good job, am clean, work to be a better person. I’m just so fucking repulsive, none of those things matter

I don’t want to be in this body anymore. It’s so ugly, women lie about why they don’t want to date me. I want to #cut it up and #vomit it away

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